Why Choose Slogan Creator?

You’ll have 100% peace of mind

Feel awesome

Your business slogan is written by a human – in fact, by a professional commercial copywriter, me, Lucinda Lions. Not by an advertising slogan generator, slogan maker or slogan software.

At Slogan Creator, I don’t just slap a few random words together based on a pun or a whim. I take the time to understand your business. Then, and only then, do I carefully craft a range of suitable slogan concepts based on your needs and preferences. Then, and only then, can I write you a slogan that actually sells.

Slogan generator software can never take the time to understand your business, but a human who creates slogans CAN.

Feel reassured

You’ll be hiring an experienced slogan writer.

I’ve been writing slogans for a long time! That’s why you’ll be supremely happy with the business slogans and company taglines I create for you.

Feel relieved

You’ll have transparency.

At Slogan Creator you know exactly how the process works and what my prices are, upfront. There are no hidden surprises. No sneaky little extras. No smooth and expensive upsells.

Feel safe

100% Confidentiality and privacy.

I don’t outsource your work because I LOVE writing business slogans and company taglines. This means your private business information is kept confidential.

Feel great!

YOU will make a difference to the world. Yes, you.

By hiring me to create your slogan, you make the world a better place. Go you!