What is a business slogan?

What is a business slogan?

A slogan, also known as a tagline, strapline, end line, swing line and a vast array of other lines (though not a clothes line) is a short, catchy, memorable phrase that is used to sell businesses, brands, books, blogs, products, services and ideas.  It’s usually located within a  logo, but appears in other marketing spaces too, like on websites, email signatures on product packaging etc.


A good way to view a slogan is that it’s like a headline for an article

A headline: captures the essence of what an article is about, grabs attention, and encourages people to find out more about the detailed, longer story. A slogan is no different. It too encapsulates the essence of a business, grabs attention, and piques people’s interest to find out more.

And that’s a good answer to the question: Why do businesses have slogans?

Because in a nutshell, a slogan, written well, helps to sell a business.

The slogan for Slogan Creator is Slogans that Sell.  The slogan tells other businesses that if they want an effective, powerful slogan for their business, that Slogan Creator can create it for them.

Most people think a  business slogan has to be creative and catchy, but it’s simply one that sells the business, and if it’s creative and catchy, well, all the better.


In summary

An effective business slogan is a handful of words that helps to capture the unique essence of a business and sell it to the world, preferably in a memorable way. Does your business have one? If not, it might be time to Just do it.


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