The ultimate guide to brand-recognisable slogans for YOUR business

Learn the A-Z of these business-boosting brand taglines

If you want to write your own brand-recognisable slogan, congratulations! In this article we explain the concept of these terrific taglines in more detail, show some real-world examples, outline the benefits, and importantly, tell you the mistakes to avoid when writing them. 

So, let’s stand with the brand.

First up, what is a brand?

A brand is the essence of your business. It’s like your business’s unique fingerprint, which encompasses everything from the colours in your logo and marketing, the fonts you use, the words you write, the values you hold dear, and of course, the products and services you sell. 

Your brand is your unique differentiator from other businesses. So, a brand-recognisable slogan is one that clearly and unmistakably links back to a specific business/brand. 


Some examples of brand recognisable slogans


Heinz: Beanz Meanz Heinz

Heinz actually uses their business name in the slogan. This is the most effective way of being brand recognisable because there can be no confusion about who/what the slogan is selling.

Can of Beans from Heinz
Image credit: Pinterest


Telco Edge: Our innovation. Your Edge.

Other slogans may not use the entire business name, but part of it. We wrote the below business slogan for a Telco company called Telco Edge. Although the entire business name is not in the slogan, part of it is. 

Telco Edge logo and slogan


The Restful Nest: Hatching Plans for a Beautiful Home

Some slogans elude to the business name rather than use it directly. We had written the below slogan for an Interior Decorating business, The Restful Nest. As you can see, we haven’t used the word ‘Restful’ or ‘Nest’ in the business slogan, however, we had used the word ‘hatching’, which still links back to the word ‘Nest.’ 

The Restful Next logo & slogan


It’s important to note that while it’s ideal to have some sort of brand recognisable aspect in your slogan, it’s not always possible or even appropriate. 


The Benefits of having a brand recognisable slogan

Helps people remember your business name 

Have you ever remembered a business slogan, but not the business that uses it? Well, that’s a huge missed opportunity for the business. By making your slogan brand-recognisable, people will not only remember your slogan, they’ll remember your business name too. 

We once wrote a business slogan for Clever Clicks: Online Marketing education that just clicks. Guaranteed. The word ‘clicks’ links back to the business name, creating a helpful hook. 

Clever Clicks logo


Helps to increase your sales

To understand why having a brand-recognisable slogan helps to increase your sales, simply refer to the above point. When your business name is remembered, it can be recalled for future reference. 

Below is a line we wrote for Noble Photography, specialists in wedding photography. 

Noble Photography
Love is forever. Capturing it is Noble. 


Helps your business stand out from the crowd

Writing a brand-recognisable business slogan is not always easy, and in some cases, it’s not even suitable. However, they’re not as prevalent as other business slogans, which is why a good one will help your business stand out from the crowd. 

When writing the slogans for digital agency, Beyond the Hedge, we chose to link back to the word ‘Hedge’. We brainstormed how we could incorporate that word into the slogan, and decided we could make it a slogan with a pun. 

The result: Giving you the Hedge. 


How to write a brand-recognisable business slogan 

Here are some helpful steps to help you write one of these memorable taglines for yourself. 

Step 1. Decide on your business slogan’s MAIN message

Before you can consider how to link your slogan back to your business name or brand, you first have to decide on the MAIN message you want your slogan to convey. That means, the most important, most sales-increasing message, in just a matter of words. 

Step 2. Choose the best word to work with

Now that you’ve narrowed down your main message, you’ll know which words you have to work with in order to create your slogan. Decide on ONE word or a matter of words that could make your slogan brand recognisable. 


Step 3. Link back to the word

With your word handy, try to link back to your business name or brand in some way. It’s not easy, but if you can nail it, you’ll end up with an effective brand recognisable slogan. 


Mistakes to avoid when writing a brand-recognisable slogan

1. The slogan doesn’t link back to an important word

When choosing the word to link back to, it’s vital to choose a word that has meaning and significance, otherwise the whole point of being brand recognisable is lost. For example, if your business name is Glamour Garden Furniture, you would choose ‘Glamour’ because the words ‘garden’ and ‘seating’ are too generic. 


2. The business slogan doesn’t makes sense

As mentioned, writing a brand-recognisable slogan is not always easy, and sometimes it’s just not going to work. Please be careful. Only write a brand-recognisable slogan if it’s effective and sales-increasing, rather than confusing or too general. 


3. It’s not persuasive enough

A brand-recognisable slogan is effective, but ensure it’s persuasive by incorporating some aspect of your unique selling point, or a benefit.


In a nutshell

A brand-recognisable slogan can help to increase sales by improving the link between your slogan and business name, while also helping you stand out from the crowd. Maybe it’s time you got a ‘brand’ new slogan for your business? 

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