The complete guide to using puns in your business slogan

For catchy company taglines, have fun with a pun

So, you want to write a slogan with a pun?

Congratulations! Pun-based slogans can be catchy, memorable and, when done right, downright awesome. That’s why we see them splashed on the side of trucks, plastered on billboards, paraded across t-shirts and printed on packaging. They’re popular, and with good reason. 

If you’re interested in writing one of these awesome ‘play on word’ taglines, read on, we’re going to tell you exactly what they are, their benefits, and how to write one. 

So, what is a business slogan with a pun?

When a business slogan has a pun, it means that one of the words within the slogan has a double meaning. Basically, it’s an advertising slogan that uses a play on words. 

Examples of catchy business slogans with a pun

Example 1: Kit Kat

Kit Kat’s Have a break, have a Kit Kat plays on the double meaning of the word ‘break.’ 

‘Break’ can mean having some time out. Or it can mean, literally to break off a piece of chocolate. So the slogan is cleverly sending two messages with just one line. 

Kit Kat’s logo and slogan
Kit Kat’s logo and slogan


Example 2: Kathleen Connell Singing Studio

We wrote the following pun-based slogan for a client who teaches singing. 

The double meaning tagline was: Give your goals a voice. 

The pun is on the word ‘voice’, and the slogan conveys two messages. One is, give your goals the power to be heard. The other is, if your goal is to sing, then here is the awesome singing teacher to help you. 


Example 3: Escape the daily grind

Gloria Jeans logo and slogan
Gloria Jeans logo and slogan


Gloria Jeans have an outstanding business slogan with a pun. 

Escape the daily grind refers to two things: Try an exciting, fresh coffee, while in the process, escaping your everyday routine. So you’re not just buying a cup of coffee, you’re buying a daily getaway. 


Example 4: Cochlear

Cochlear’s Slogan on a jersey
Cochlear’s Slogan on a jersey

Cochlear make hearing implants, so their tagline, Hear now. And always is both intelligent and elegant. Their business slogan plays on the word ‘hear’. 

‘Hear now’ refers to the physical act of hearing now, but the second part of the slogan, ‘And always’ changes the meaning also to, HERE now.

Example 5: Chips 

Here’s a great example of where a pun has been used in a sloganesque way on chip packaging. Cash in your chips has two meanings. The first one is that you could win money if you have the winning packet, and the second refers to cashing in your ‘chips’ when gambling. 

Slogan on a chip packet 
Slogan on a chip packet


Benefits of having a business slogan with a pun 

To spice up this next section, we’ve included businesses and slogans that we’ve created purely for this blog post! Hope you like them. ☺

Your pun-based slogan can be catchy and memorable

Catchy slogans have this awesome way of sticking in people’s brains. Once there, the business slogans are ready to be recalled, especially when the person needs to use that particular product or service. So when you have a catchy business slogan, it’s almost like buying priceless advertising space in your potential customers’ minds! 

Rebel Bread logo and slogan 
Rebel Bread logo and slogan


Catchy slogans with puns can be shareable

Social media gobbles up clever, quirky content, and lucky for you, people aren’t shy about taking photos of creative business slogans. 

When someone shares your slogan with the world, they’re spreading awareness about your business, which we all know provides priceless promotion. 


Jodie Kaye Midwifery
Delivery & Pickup


They can make people feel warmly toward your brand 

Have you ever smiled when hearing or reading a business slogan? If so, that’s a good thing. Feeling uplifted when seeing a tagline can result in feeling favourable toward the business and brand it belongs to. It may inspire you to find out more about the business, or at least keep them in mind for future.

Sample slogan for coaching business 
Sample slogan for coaching business


Quick lesson: How to write a slogan with a pun 

Now that you’ve read some exciting background information on catchy business slogans with puns, you may want to learn how to write one yourself. Well, the below quick steps may be helpful. 

Step 1. Narrow down your main message

A pun-based slogan revolves around a play on one particular word.

The challenge is though, before you can even consider getting creative with just one word, you’ll have to decide on the best overall words to use in your slogan. In other ‘words’, you need to narrow down your main, important, most sales-increasing message. 

Once you’ve done that, move on to the next step.

2. Choose

Choose one word from either your main message, your business name, or business offerings, that can have a double meaning.

3. Play

Now, play around with the slogan to incorporate that particular word with the double meaning. And please, keep in mind the mistakes to avoid, below.


WARNING! It’s easy to get it wrong. 3 mistakes to avoid when writing a catchy slogan with a pun

Writing an appropriate slogan with a pun is not as easy as it may seem, and sadly, it’s VERY easy to get wrong, meaning it can damage your brand or business reputation. 

Try to avoid these common mistakes. 


Mistake # 1: It’s not professional 

Your slogan is a direct reflection of your business, so don’t compromise your professionalism just to include a pun in your slogan. Keep your slogan tasteful. 

A plumber who has the slogan, We give a sh*t about your toilets might think the pun is funny and clever, and maybe it is funny to some. But there are others who’d find that slogan inappropriate, and not hire the plumber as a result. After all, if they find the slogan inappropriate, they’re going to question his or her overall professionalism. 

Competition is fierce. Give yourself an advantage with your slogan, not a reason for people to avoid doing business with you. 


Mistake #2: The slogan doesn’t make sense 

Whenever a slogan includes some sort of literary device, like word play, there’s always a risk that the slogan may be too clever for its own good. Or perhaps the play on words is not obvious enough or just doesn’t suit the business name. If the pun isn’t clear, the slogan may not make sense, which leads to confusion. You want your potential customers to be persuaded, not perplexed. 

For example, does the below make sense? There is a pun there, but it’s not in context, so therefore it isn’t clear.

An exhaustive range is our staple

How about this though? 

Premium office supplies. An exhaustive range is our staple.


Mistake #3: It’s not suitable for your type of business 

Slogans with a pun can be quite quirky, which is perfect for many businesses because it conveys a sense of whimsical fun. However, puns are not ideal for all business slogans. 

If you run a business that provides counselling for people who have lost a loved one, you want your slogan to convey a sense of empathy, warmth and professionalism, so a pun-based slogan likely isn’t ideal in this instance. For example, this simple, descriptive slogan works: Compassionate grief counselling.

This pun-based slogan does not: Good grief, let’s get over that loved one!

Of course, not all slogans with a pun are quirky. Some are quite professional and elegant. This slogan for internet service provider iinet, ‘Connect better’, is excellent. The pun is on the word ‘connect’. People will connect to the internet better, which means they’ll connect with their family, friends and colleagues better too. 


Pun slogans in a nutshell 

Catchy business slogans with puns might just be the perfect way for you to make your business memorable and recallable. As long as you focus on using the right messages and keeping your tagline professional, you’ll hopefully nail it! 

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