The A – Z of descriptive slogans for business

Descriptive slogans help to increase sales 

Man, descriptive advertising taglines get a bad rap.  

To many people, they’re not even considered slogans because they’re not catchy and creative like their creative counterparts.

But in reality, they’re still short lines that help to sell your business. 

In the absence of being able to write a creative slogan yourself, or being unable to hire a slogan writer, then a descriptive slogan is a good option. In some cases, it’s the preferred and ideal option. 

In this article, find out what a descriptive slogan is, and how it can help skyrocket your business. 

Descriptive slogans: a definition 

A descriptive business slogan is a tagline that describes your business/product/service to people in order to clearly convey what you sell.  

Examples of descriptive slogans


A while back, YouTube’s company slogan used to be: Broadcast Yourself.  

There was nothing fancy or creative about that, it just literally told the world that, on YouTube, you can broadcast yourself.  

YouTube logo
YouTube logo



This was one of the website taglines for the Kissmetrics blog: A blog about analytics, marketing & testing. 

If you arrived on this page thinking it had something about calculating kisses, the tagline would set you straight.

Screenshot from a past Kissmetrics Blog
Screenshot from a past Kissmetrics Blog


Hypothetical examples

As you can see from the below fictitious taglines created purely for this article, you can see what the business offers.

  • Beautiful outdoor photography of your beloved animals
  • Specialised financial advice for fitness industry members
  • Teaching full-time carers to manage stress through meditation

The power of these descriptive taglines is in the crystal clear clarity, and the distinct lack of ambiguity and confusion. 


The benefits of a descriptive business slogan

A descriptive business slogan may not lower your cholesterol or reduce the appearance of fine lines, but they certainly have many other useful benefits.

They can help to increase sales

Have you ever seen the name of a business and had absolutely no idea what they sell?  It’s quite a common scenario, purely because not all business names are clear about what the business offers.
For example, a fictitious business called ‘Happy Giraffe’ could literally sell anything, that’s why they need a descriptive business slogan, or at least a business slogan that is partly descriptive.


A happy giraffe
A happy giraffe


Well, the tagline for this fictitious business is, Tailored socks for tall people, which as you can see, gives the descriptive slogan some  context.  It inspires understanding and creates some interest. 

If you’re a tall person in need of socks, you may feel compelled to find out more about Happy Giraffe. Perhaps you’ll visit their website?  Perhaps you’ll buy some socks?  Without the descriptive slogan though, you might have done nothing.

They leave no room for confusion

Creative slogans are awesome, but sometimes slogans are too creative for their own good. By that I mean, they’re so clever, only the person who created them understands its meaning. 

If you’ve written a business slogan that could be confusing to others, consider making your slogan more clear. 

The below image is of an envelope from Rabbit Photos – from the days looooooong ago when your only choice was to have photos developed and put in an envelope for you! The descriptive tagline on the Rabbit  Photos envelope is: Australia’s leading 1-Hour photo processor.  

Simple. To the point. Descriptive.

Rabbit Photo
Rabbit Photo

They provide creative options

Wonderfully, you can add a creative component to a descriptive slogan.  For Happy Giraffe, it could be, “We stick our neck out for you.”  

Without the descriptive component, the creative line is clever but still not clear about the what the business offers. The descriptive component gives context and clarity, allowing the creativity to sparkle and shine. 

They can be long

Nearly everyone will tell you to have a short, catchy, memorable slogan – and yes, these are powerful, amazing, ingredients for your business slogans to have. 

But they’re not the only option.

Long, descriptive slogans have their place in the business world, particularly if you use them on your website, in brochures, at the bottom of emails, and so on.  They are almost like compact, persuasive mini advertisements. 

They can be more persuasive 

Business slogans are already persuasive if they clarify what you do. But, you can possibly make your slogan more persuasive by adding additional words or information. 

A while back we wrote the below slogan for a great client, Cinden Communication. Note that the first two words ‘award winning’, make the slogan more persuasive. 

Award-winning writing, editing and communication planning.
Explain. Engage. Convince.

Two tips to remember when writing your descriptive slogan

Make sure it’s not too ‘wordy’

‘Wordy’, not to be confused with ‘nerdy’, is when you use more words in any piece of writing than is necessary.

While descriptive business slogans can be longer than average slogans, they should still remain as tight and succinct as possible. 

For example, Menu Log’s slogan is, Your favourite food. Delivered.   That’s a tight, descriptive slogan. If it was wordy, it would be, Your favourite food is now being delivered. As you can see, the three words ‘is now being’ are totally unnecessary.  They still work, they just don’t work as well.

Bag printed with Menu Log slogan and logo
Bag printed with Menu Log slogan and logo


Clarify that a descriptive business slogan is the best option for you

This might seem like an odd point, given we’ve just been espousing the virtues of having a descriptive slogan.  

Hear us out. 

If your business name describes what you do, then a descriptive slogan isn’t actually necessary, which allows you to focus on being creative with your slogan. 

For example, the business name: John’s Indoor House Paint Supplies, makes it pretty clear that John sells indoor house paints, not microwaves, high heels for cats or cargo pants for dogs. 

The cool thing is, this allows John to get creative with his slogan, using elements such as a play on words – a pun.

John’s Indoor House Paint Supplies
Hot colours. Hot prices. Have a brush with flame.

Descriptive slogans in a nutshell 

By virtue of being informative and clear, descriptive business slogans are definitely more sales increasing than many people think. They’re an excellent option for those who don’t have the time or confidence to write a creative slogan, or who don’t have the budget to hire a slogan writer.  So give it a go! Write your own descriptive slogan today.

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