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  • Do you need a business slogan, but don’t have the time or inclination to write one yourself?
  • Have you tried writing a company slogan but found the process harder than first anticipated?
  • Are you worried that a computer-generated slogan may reflect badly on your business, blog or brand?
  • Are you looking for someone who will take the time to understand your business, rather than churn out a handful of bland, general taglines that won’t increase your sales?
  • Do you want someone who will write you an attention-grabbing, customer-attracting, sales-increasing slogan that you and your potential clients will LOVE?

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Hi, I’m Lucinda, the owner and chief sloganeer at Slogan Creator. I have over two decades of writing experience, and I love writing taglines as much as I love cuddling cats, dogs and any other animals psychologically open to hugs!

You were very personable, friendly, professional and enthusiastic … I would most certainly recommend your services to other people. Thanks so much again. I am very happy.

Ky Furneaux

Award-winning Hollywood stunt

woman, TV host, speaker, author

When you hire me to write your slogan, you do so with 100% peace of mind. Here’s why:


I’ve been writing taglines and slogans for a LONG time.


You’ll get a sensational slogan that will boost your business and brand.


The process is simple and seamless.


You’ll feel reassured by my many slogan examples.


I love writing taglines. I’m up for the challenge. I’ll be EXCITED to work with you.


I care about your outcomes. Your business matters to me. You matter to me.
TelcoEdge - Our Innovation. Your Edge.

“After reading the content and examples on the Slogan Creator website, I had a very good feeling about the level of creativity and professionalism that Lucinda Lions offered. I received quick initial responses and friendly and professional service throughout the entire process. I am also really happy with the slogan that Lucinda created for us. I’ll be happy to refer her services to anyone requiring a slogan or tagline writer.” − Richard Clarke,

Slogan Writing Packages

The slogan-writing packages represent a one-time investment. You’ll receive a sizzling, sales-boosting slogan that will provide lifelong, 24/7 advertising for your business.

Buy once. Reap the benefits forever.

Pssst… if you don’t want to hire Slogan Creator, that’s totally fine. To help you out, I’ve included some important questions to ask other slogan and tagline writers, further down the page, to ensure you avoid any headaches or costly mistakes.



Plus GST for
Aussie clients

Gold Lite


Plus GST for
Aussie clients
Ownership of 1 slogan
Presented with 7-10 slogan concepts, with a minimum of one slogan from each of the following slogan styles, below
A rhyming slogan has two words within the slogan that sound alike. Popular examples are Pringle’s: “Once you pop you can’t stop”, Gilette’s: “Gillette the best a man get”, and Shell’s: “Go Well, Go Shell”
An emotive slogan creates a feeling in people. Popular examples are Nike’s: “Just Do it”, Adidas’s: “Impossible is Nothing” and Apple’s: “Think Different”
A pun is a play on words, where one word can have two meanings. Popular examples are Kit Kat’s: “Have a break, have a Kit Kat” and Nokia’s: “Connecting people”.
This is commonly known as a Trio Slogan, but I lovingly gave it an additional name - Three Word Thriller. The Three Word Thriller slogan has just three words that captures the essence of the business. An example is the slogan for Beyond Blue (anxiety-support organisation): “Recovery. Resilience. Hope.”
A common type of slogan, but I gave it this nice little name of The Our-Your-Dazzler. The Our-Your-Dazzler involves putting an OUR in front of something you offer, and a YOUR in front of something your customer gains, or already has. An example is Purina (pet products): “Your pet, Our passion”.
Again, a well-known slogan, which I’ve given its own little name. The Less is More Lovely Line highlights what the customer will have less/more of as a result of using your product or service. An example for dishwashing powder: “Less stains. More sparkle.”
Alliteration is where some or all the words in the slogan start with the same letter, like Slogan Creator’s: “Slogans that sell”, and the Cancer Council’s: “Slip.Slop.Slap.”
A brand-recognisable slogan has particular words or ideas within the slogan that link back to the business name or brand. Popular examples are “Beanz Meanz Heinz”, and “Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s Maybelline”.
Delivery in 7-10 business days from the time of upfront payment
Personal recommendation of my favourite, to help with your decision-making process.
2 rounds of revisions
A portion of the sale going to charity

* Please note:

You must meet criteria to be eligible for the Gold Lite Package.

This is an extremely popular package because it’s almost identical to the GOLD package, but costs much less. I love to work with everyone, but this package is only open to people who thoroughly know their business/product/blog, and who are willing to make their own tweaks and revisions. This package doesn’t include revisions. Thank you.

Use your slogan everywhere to skyrocket sales. Here are some ideas:

Logos – of course!

A great place for your slogan is within your logo, that way, wherever your logo is, so too is the opportunity to convert casual observers into paying customers. Done well, your logo and slogan will pack an immediate, lasting and persuasive punch.

Here’s a tagline I wrote for amazing Hollywood stuntwoman, Ky Furneaux. The slogan fits nicely within her stylish logo: Choose your life. Lose your Limits.

Ky Ferneuux - Choose your life. Lose your limits.

Blogs and websites

You have around 8 seconds to grab people’s attention when they land on your Home page. An effective web-slogan increases your chances of hooking your website visitors, turning more clicks into clients.

I wrote this blog tagline for the information-packed Sleep Hub website: For the A- Zzzzzz of sleeping well, head to the hub.

SleepHub - For the A- Zzzzzz of sleeping well, head to the hub.

Website sliders

Also known as image rotators, a website slider is used in some website designs, and it’s basically a series of images that rotate, each one sharing a different image and message. Together, the image and slogan are a winning team.

Slogan Example: The images below feature the company tagline I wrote for my client, Eureka Buyers Agents. The team at Eureka expertly find a property on your behalf and negotiate a competitive price. The images in their sliders change, but their slogan always remains the same: We find. We negotiate. You save.

We Find. We negotiate. You save.

An in-house mission statement

A slogan can keep your business messages on track, but it can also keep your entire business on track, helping you make vital decisions.

I was hired by a US company, SIG Systems, which sell innovative, high-quality and cost effective audio visual solutions to a range of sectors. The slogan I wrote for them was: “Innovation. Integrity. Performance.” These three words can be a guiding light for all their business goals, directions and decisions. Is it innovative? Will we maintain our integrity? Will it perform?

SIG Systems - Innovation. Integrity. Performance.

Boost sales of specific products and services

Individual products and services within your business can all have their own slogan to help boost sales. This means, you’d have one, main business slogan for your business, and several sub-slogans for specific products and services.

One of my clients has a business called Sex Ed Rescue, and she helps parents talk naturally to their children about sex, without feeling embarrassed or awkward. The slogan I wrote for the business: Empowering parents to empower their children.

Later, I was asked to write a slogan for a product within the business known as Sex Ed Quickies. I wrote: Quick, easy, age-appropriate answers to your kid’s sex questions.

Sex Ed Quickies - Quick, easy, age-appropriate answers to your kid’s sex questions.

Use it as a hashtag

Hashtags are used to identify a topic, theme or conversation, usually on social media. The topic creates a connection, a conversation, and possibly one day; a conversion. Not surprisingly, Nike has used its world-famous slogan, Just Do It as a hashtag.

Nike Tweet @katewilliams2 Goals are nothing without hard work. #justdoit

I was delighted to see a slogan I wrote for one of my clients, used as a hashtag. When conversing with a customer, Telco Edge used #OurInnovationYourEdge.

Aaron Athorn: We have been a customer of TelcoEdge's for some time now. Our experience with them to date has been excellent. They are helpful and willing to assist. - Response from the owner: Thanks for the great feedback. #OurInnovationYourEdge

Email signatures

When you include your slogan as part of your email signature, you are no longer simply stating contact details, you’re stating a reason to make contact. The slogan also adds another layer of slickness and professionalism to your already polished image. Even if you never incorporate the slogan into your logo, it will sell your services with every email you send.

Infinite Growth - Business Communication Skills. Infinite Possibilities. Endless Opportunities.

A verbal pitch when meeting others

Your slogan is the foundation of all your business messages, keeping every other message on track. If you need to tell people what you do in a quick and persuasive way, your sizzling slogan is ready when you are.

6 questions you must ask a slogan writer before hiring them, in order to avoid costly mistakes & cranium-clanging headaches.

Yes, of your chosen slogan. This is important, let me explain…

If you hire me to write your slogan I will create 7-10 slogan concepts, which I’ll email to you.

All these slogan concepts still belong to me, I own the copyright. (This applies to most writers in most situations, they own the copyright of whatever they’ve written, and send to you.)

I send all the concepts to you, and then you choose your favourite.

When you’ve chosen your favourite slogan, I will then assign copyright of that one particular tagline to you in an email. Once I’ve done this, you own copyright, and can proceed to use it.

BEWARE: If you hire a tagline writer or slogan writer who sends you a number of slogans, and tells you to keep them all, there’s an issue. If they don’t know which particular slogan you’ve chosen from the group that they’ve sent, how do they know not to use one of those slogans with a future client? An in-demand writer will naturally get clients from similar industries, which means there’s a risk that they may accidentally create a slogan that is similar to the one you’re using (because they don’t know which one you decided to use.)

This is such an important point, so perhaps ask these more specific questions:

  • “How will you ensure that I own the copyright of my slogan?”
  • “What safeguards do you put in place to ensure you don’t write a similar slogan for another client, particularly from the same industry, if you don’t know which slogan I choose?”

An experienced slogan writer will proudly show examples of their company slogans and taglines on their website, or will happily email their portfolio. The only way you’ll know if you like their work, is to see their work.

Your slogan only contains a handful of precious words, so one of the biggest challenges with slogan writing is deciding which words to use and which messages to pursue, so that the eventual tagline sells your business in the most persuasive way possible.

In order to write a slogan that actually promotes your business to the world, a slogan writer needs to understand your business. Without this important foundational information, you may not get the most sales-increasing slogan possible.

In most cases, a person who writes slogans will ask you to fill in a questionnaire. If there isn’t a questionnaire, ask the slogan writer how they’ll personalise the message to your specific business.

Anyone can pluck a few general words from the air, but to write a customised tagline from scratch, based on the needs and nature of your business, is an entirely different, detailed process altogether.

When people love what they do, they pour their heart and soul into making their creations as perfect and wonderful as they can be. They care about you, your opinions, your experience, and your outcomes. Ask your slogan writer if they love writing slogans, and why.

(Personally, I love writing slogans because it’s the most wonderful, creative adventure, and an exciting challenge to get a whole business story into one tiny line! The minute I get an order form, my mind starts ticking away. What do they sell? Why are they amazing? How can I convey their amazingness in one, tight, tantalising tagline?)

If the slogan writer hasn’t included clear pricing on their website, it’s important to ask exactly how much the slogan will cost, and exactly what inclusions you’ll receive for that investment. For example, does the tagline-writing package include revisions?

Outsourcing is quite commonplace in the writing industry. Outsourcing is not a bad thing, but it’s beneficial to know if it is taking place. If it is, it’s a good idea to ask these further questions:

  • Is the outsourced writer experienced in writing slogans?
  • If the slogan writer is a junior, will their work be checked carefully by a senior writer?
  • Most importantly, will the slogan writer keep all my contact details and brand/business information confidential? (Further to this, has the writer signed a confidentiality agreement, or at least given written assurances that they will keep all client information confidential?)

Most people outsource in a safe and secure manner. The above questions are intended to empower you, so that you feel sure that your slogan is in safe hands. (At Slogan Creator I personally write all slogans myself.)

Did you know?

Your slogan can be used as a powerful initial statement on your Home page. I had the pleasure of working with Beyond the Hedge, a branding and creative communication agency. They invested in two taglines: “Our designs. Your Growth.” And: “Giving you the Hedge”. Here is one of their slogans in action.

Our Designs. Your Growth. Helping businesses grow through effective branding, creative strategy, graphic design and digital design.

If you’d like me to write your sizzling business slogan, I’ll be excited to get started! Let’s do it!