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Using an online slogan generator is quick and easy, right?

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A big warning about slogan generators!

Free online slogan makers produce taglines that are generic, bland, and extremely one-size-fits-all. Because of this, you may accidentally choose a slogan that is completely inappropriate for your business – and which can even drive away potential customers, damage your reputation, and ruin your brand.

Also, slogan generators aren’t ideal for business owners who want their slogan to grab attention, attract customers and boost sales.

In short, a slogan generator doesn’t create a personalised, customised, sales-increasing slogan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of slogan will I learn to write if I use this e⁠-⁠Workbook?

A descriptive slogan. (This e⁠-⁠Workbook is the first two chapters of the comprehensive e⁠-⁠Workbook, How to write a brilliant business slogan.)

What is a descriptive slogan, and how does it help to increase my sales?

A descriptive slogan describes your business, but in a way that arouses interest and persuades people to find out more. Here’s what I mean. Let’s say you see a logo for a business, and the business is called (hypothetically) Fire Eyes. And let’s say the logo for Fire Eyes is just the image of a flame in an eye.

Do you have ANY idea what Fire Eyes sells?

I don’t.

I mean, it could be goggles for fire safety? Red eye shadow? Fancy dress contact lenses? Dammit, it might even be genetically modified eyeballs!

How can Fire Eyes sell their product or service if people don’t know what they’re selling?

It needs a descriptive, sales-increasing slogan, like:

Natural eye drops for itchy eyes. 48 hours relief.

All of a sudden, we know what Fire Eyes sells. The slogan answers the following important questions:

  • What is the product? Eye drops.
  • Why does it matter? The drops offer relief, and they’re natural.
  • How is it different? Again, it’s natural, and also, it offers 48 hours relief rather than 24.

BAM! This slogan instantly attracts customers, and helps to boost sales because it’s both informative and persuasive. It provides priceless, ongoing, free advertising for Fire Eyes, FOREVER.

Even if it’s obvious what you sell based on your business name, you still need a slogan to help differentiate you from competitors, and to persuade people to do business with you.

What is so bad about using a free advertising slogan generator?

It’s not ‘bad’ as such, but you can’t expect a slogan maker to know why your product or service is so awesome, or what your most compelling benefit is, or how you’re different from your competitors. And because it doesn’t know, it can only generate bland, generic, broad slogans that don’t really mean or say anything, and therefore don’t inspire customers to buy.

Here’s what I mean. Above, I wrote the slogan for the pretend business, Fire Eyes, which was: Natural eye drops for itchy eyes. 48 hours relief.

When I put the term ‘Fire Eyes’ into a free slogan generator, look at what I get. None of the taglines capture the persuasive benefits of Fire Eyes (unless, according to one generated slogan, it apparently puts out forest fires!)

Fire eyes when only the best will do. Made in Scotland from Fire eyes.
Only Fire eyes Can Prevent Forest Fires. Nonstop Fire eyes.
Fresh from the Captain’s Fire eyes. Think positive, think Fire eyes.
My Fire eyes is better than you Fire eyes. I wouldn’t leave the house without Fire eyes.
The Lighter Way to Enjoy Fire eyes. Good To The Last Fire eyes.
Fire eyes evolution. Fire eyes, one for all.
Fire eyes keeps going, going, and going… Yo Quiero Fire eyes.
A leaner, meaner Fire eyes The president buys Fire eyes.
Order a Fire eyes today. Fire eyes have more fun.

When I type the term, “Fire Eyes eye drops”, I get even broader, weirder slogans, one of which even deems Fire Eyes as edible!

Fire eyes eye drops the only way to fly. Does the Hard Fire eyes eye drops for You.
Fire eyes eye drops, something for everyone. Fire eyes eye drops, where success is at home.
I Can’t Believe I Ate The Whole Fire eyes eye drops I Saw Fire eyes eye drops and I Thought of You.
The Incredible, Edible Fire eyes eye drops. Fire eyes eye drops wanted.
Heal the world Fire eyes eye drops. Fire eyes eye drops extra dry.
Let’s Fire eyes eye drops! Simply the best Fire eyes eye drops.
Absolut Fire eyes eye drops Take Two Bottles Into the Fire eyes eye drops?
Hhmmmm… Fire eyes eye drops Because So Much Is Riding On Your Fire eyes eye drops.

See what I mean? Slogan Generators spit out generic lines that are fun to read, but can be damaging to your brand and business.

A descriptive slogan is just one type of slogan. It might seem basic or simple, but there’s nothing simple about an effective, persuasive slogan that attracts customers and encourages those customers to do business with you.

What if I want to write a catchy, creative slogan, not just a descriptive one?

That’s totally fine. If you have the budget, you can learn how to write a catchy, creative slogan by purchasing the longer and more comprehensive e⁠-⁠Workbook, How to Write a Brilliant Business Slogan. Alternatively, you can hire me to write a catchy, creative slogan for you.

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