Skyrocket sales: 7 important places to use your slogan

Skyrocket sales: 7 important places to use your slogan

Your business slogan or company taglines is a powerful marketing tool. Once you have it, leverage it to help boost your brand and bottom line. Here are 6 places to use your slogan.


Logos – of course!

A great place for your slogan is within your logo.  That way, wherever your logo is, so too is the opportunity to convert casual observers into paying customers.

Done well, your logo and slogan will make an immediate and lasting impact because people will take a visual snapshot of both, mentally retrieving them when they’re in the market for your products and services.


Blogs and websites

You have around 5–10 seconds to grab people’s attention when they land on your Home page. An effective website slogan increases your chances of hooking your website visitors and turning more clicks into clients.


Email signatures

I once worked with a client who was a real action-taker. As soon as she advised me of her chosen slogan she added it to her email signature. We’d been corresponding regularly so I noticed the change to her email signature instantly. The minute she added the slogan, her email signature seemed to come alive. No longer was it simply stating contact details; it was now stating a reason to make contact. Not only that, the slogan added another layer of slickness and professionalism to her already polished image.

Even if my client never incorporated the slogan into her logo, it would sell her services with every email she sends.


Internet signatures

If you’ve left comments on forums and the like, you’ll understand the importance of having a powerful internet signature. Adding a slogan to your signature increases the chances that people will take action when they see it, whether that’s to visit your website, connect with you on social media, use your products and services, or simply remember you for the future.

When you have a slogan, you can transform online business profiles into persuasive mini ads that turn basic internet details into customer-converting information.


Website sliders

Also known as image rotators, a website slider is still used in some website designs, though it was more popular a while back. The sliders contain a number of rotating images, with slogans accompanying each image. Together, they pack a powerful and memorable punch. At the time of writing this blog post, long-scrolling websites are popular. These too benefit from sloganesque headlines to encourage people to keep scrolling.


A verbal pitch when meeting others

Your slogan is the foundation of all your business messages, keeping every other message on track. If you need to tell people what you do in a quick and persuasive way, your sizzling slogan is ready when you are.


Boost sales of specific products and services

While your overall business should have a slogan, within your business; individual products and services can also have a slogan – helping to turbo-boost your leads and sales.


An in-house mission statement

I mentioned earlier about a slogan keeping all your other business messages on track.  A slogan can also keep your entire business on track by helping you make vital decisions.  Here’s an example.

There’s a chocolate brand called Loving Earth. Their three word slogan is:  Healthy. Sustainable. Fair.

As explained on their website, these words represent their three core values, and it’s the perfect example of how a slogan clarifies and crystallises a business vision, being a guiding light for all future decisions and directions.  Whenever they’re faced with a difficult decision, they can simply ask, ‘Is it healthy? Is it sustainable? Is it fair?’


Are there more places and ways to use your slogan? Absolutely! Your slogan is a versatile marketing tool that can be used in many different ways in so many different places. So if you have a sizzling tagline, start sharing it with the world! And if you don’t have one, consider hiring a slogan writer to create a catchy business tagline for you, because you’re missing out on the free publicity a slogan gives your business or company. 🙂

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