Sell well: A guide to using rhyme in your business slogan

Taglines that rhyme – get all the info in one place

Rhyming advertising taglines have a catchy charm and memorable appeal, which is why so many people want one for their own business.

In this article you’ll learn everything you need to know about rhyming business taglines: what they are, their benefits, how to write one, and the potentially damaging mistakes to avoid when writing one.

Strap in, it’s rhyme time.

What are rhyming business slogans?

Rhyme is where two words sound the same, like: wool and full, Jill and hill. So a rhyming business slogan is one where particular words within the slogan sound similar to each other, like this one: Go well. Go Shell.

The many benefits of rhyme in a company tagline


The slogans are catchy and memorable

The reason people forget where they put their keys two seconds ago, but remember specific details about a nursery rhyme from their childhood is because rhyming words are catchy and memorable. Even if you forget certain words, it’s easy to anticipate what they are, due to the rhyme.

Rhyming business slogans are effective for the same reason.

If you asked people to recite the Pringles slogan, very few will say, ‘Once you pop you can’t… oh, what’s the word … cease?’  They’re going to know the last word is ‘stop’ because it rhymes with pop.

Pringles slogan
Image credit: YouTube Pringles Australia


They’re fun

Rhyming slogans are positive and upbeat, even light-hearted, cute and quirky.

Rhyming tagline traits can prompt people to smile, infusing them with positive feelings toward your brand.

They can also be used to sell a serious message in a light-hearted, rhyming way. This safety slogan was run by the Roads & Traffic Authority in Australia to encourage people to wear their seatbelts: Click Clack Front ‘n’ Back.


They’re talked about

The internet loves anything quirky or different or cool. When out and about, people share photos of slogans they’ve seen.


Quick lesson: How to write a rhyming slogan

As you’re about to see, on the surface, writing a rhyming business slogan can seem easy. After all, you just marry up two similar sounding words and away you go. But writing a rhyming business slogan that is effective and appropriate, is a different story altogether, which is why it’s important to read the next section as well.

  1. Narrow down your main business message.
  2. Think of two similar sounding words, and try connecting them in an appropriate and professional way to your main message.



Avoid mistakes: Tips to keep in mind when writing a rhyming business slogan

1. Be careful

The most important tip is to be careful.

Because rhyming slogans can be fun and quirky, they’re not suitable for all businesses. Not only are they not suitable, they can spell disaster for your brand and reputation.

Compare these two slogans for a pretend business, “Shining Star Funeral Home.”

Logo for a pretend business

The first slogan is: Grace and compassion

That particular advertising slogan doesn’t need to rhyme. It’s elegant, succinct, and above all, appropriate.

However, compare it with this second slogan.

We’ll take care of everything. Stay ahead once they’re dead.

Yikes! That fictitious business slogan is certainly NOT appropriate because it’s insensitive and childish.

However, some rhyming business slogans can be elegant and sophisticated. Look at this one from Jaguar: Grace. Pace. Space.

So just keep in mind that writing a rhyming company tagline that is professional and elegant takes an element of creative skill, and if you’re not confident, outsource the slogan writing to a professional.


2. Don’t use rhyme for the sake of it. Make sure the slogan makes sense.

If it’s always been your wish to have a rhyming business slogan, we hope you’re able to write one that adequately reflects your business while also being effective. But truth be told, rhyme is easy to get wrong, especially when it’s used just for the sake of it.

Can you imagine if Apple had the slogan, You can grapple with an Apple. It makes no sense, and actually, sounds quite negative and pointless. People want to enjoy their device, not wrestle it to the ground.


3. Ensure that the words actually rhyme

Ah, this is an interesting one.

Sometimes words sound similar but don’t actually rhyme, and sometimes that’s totally fine. But other times it’s not fine because the words sound out of place.

One of the reasons ill-rhyming wording can take place is because the words look similar on paper, or typed on a screen, but not when said out loud. A washing machine powder could have the slogan, Adds brightness to whiteness. That’s great, it rhymes. However, does this one work? Adds finesse to whiteness. Not really. And well, it doesn’t make sense either.

The end, friend.

Although we’ve come to the end of this article, your journey with rhyming business slogans might just be starting. These catchy taglines can be memorable, unique and uplifting, and if you choose to write one, we wish you all the best!

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