Oh what a feeling! Emotive business slogans: All you need to know.

Emotional advertising taglines. Inspire interest. Increase sales.

There’s a reason companies use emotion in their slogans. 

It sells. 

It sells for them, and it might just sell for your business too.

One of the most popular emotive slogans of all time would have to be Nike’s Just do it. It’s emotive because it inspires motivation and empowerment, and yet, makes absolutely no reference to sportswear or sport’s shoes. 

Perhaps you want people to feel their own emotional connection to your brand too?

If so, read on, because we’re going to explain exactly what an emotive business slogan is, as well as provide you with some invaluable, mistake-busting tips related to emotive taglines. 

Toyota logo and slogan
Image credit: Toyota

What is an emotive business slogan? 

An emotive business slogan is one where the slogan creates a certain feeling in people. Unlike a descriptive slogan, it doesn’t describe what your product or service is, it conveys how customers will feel if they use your product or service. 


Example of a company tagline that create a feeling

Emotive slogan: Go forth
Company: Levis 

Levis specialise in jeans, but have a look at one of their previous ads, below. The ad doesn’t mention the word ‘jeans’ even once, rather, it’s filled with emotive language. The reader may feel a sense of urgency, that time is running out, that they must go forth and do what they always wanted to do. 

To be free.

Levis printed ad campaign
Image credit: Campaign


Considering having an emotive slogan? Here are some tips.

Tip 1: Consider if an emotive slogan is the most effective slogan for you

The companies that use emotive slogans can generally invest vast sums of money in advertising, and most specifically, in awareness campaigns. This means they’re not trying to educate you about who they are, what they offer, and why they’re different; they’re just reminding you they’re still around. In other words, they want to create what’s known as ‘top of mind awareness’. 

Some of the industries that love using emotive slogans:

  • Automotive 
  • Airline
  • Sportswear retailers
  • Prestige watches
  • Fashion 
  • Jewellery

Here’s another sport’s wear brand, New Balance, that once touted this emotive slogan in their ad: Run fearlessly. Sacrifice nothing.

Ad on New Balance website


Small businesses can have emotive slogans too though.

Slogan Creator co-wrote the below emotive slogan with the business owner, Ky Furneaux. Ky is a Hollywood stuntwoman and TV personality. She wanted people to feel there were no ceilings when achieving their goals. 

Ky Furneaux logo and slogan 

As you can see, Ky, along with her brand designer (Shona Creative) created a logo that allowed enough wording to convey what she practically offered, as well as what you’d feel if you hired her.

The term, ‘Lose your limits’ can make you feel excited, empowered, exhilarated.

So to sum up this point, just consider if creating a feeling is the most persuasive way to sell your business. It’s possible that a descriptive or a creative and catchy slogan might serve you better.


Tip 2. Capture a coveted feeling 

Consider the ideal feeling/s your customer wants to feel, and convey that feeling in your business slogan, as illustrated by the below tagline for a coffee company. 

Emotive slogan: Escape the daily grind
Company: Gloria Jeans

We love the Gloria Jeans slogan because it’s both emotive and creative, with the double meaning/pun on the word ‘grind’. 

This slogan spells out the fact that you can escape the shackles of everyday drudgery in order to float into the mouth-watering world of their wafting coffee. 

Tip 3. Only write about feelings that are real and relevant 

Always be accurate about your promise. 

For example, if the slogan for Slogan Creator was ‘Be free’, it wouldn’t make much sense unless we specifically and solely worked with clients trapped in boxes. 

Because, how do our services make people feel free? Sure, it will free up some initial time, but overall, freedom is not what we sell. We sell a slogan-writing skill that helps to boost business. So, what emotion would our customers feel? Relief. Excitement. But freedom? not so much. 


In an emotive nutshell

Emotive business slogans can prompt people to desire your product or service because they want to experience the feelings and emotions that your product or service can give them. 

While a feeling-driven advertising slogan is not suitable for every business, it might just be suitable for yours. If it is, enjoy the benefits! 


List of past and present emotive slogans from businesses/companies around the world

Some of these slogans won’t seem overtly emotive. For example, “Breakfast of champions” is stating that Wheaties is the breakfast of elite sport stars, and is quite different to Nike’s Just do it. However, by making such a statement, they want people to feel that they too will be champions if they eat Wheaties. 

Also, some of these slogans are not just emotive, they employ other slogan devices as well, including being descriptive, creative and brand-recognisable. Enjoy!

Breakfast of champions – Wheaties

Coke adds life – Coke

Colgate ring of confidence – Colgate

Come alive – You’re in a Pepsi generation – Pepsi

Escape the daily grind – Gloria Jeans

Have a coke and a smile – Coke

How do you feel? I feel like a Tooheys – Tooheys beer

If you want to get ahead, get a hat. The Hat Council

Instruments of the immortals – Steinway Pianos

Just do it – Nike

Feel the difference – Ford

On top of the world – Delta airlines

The luxury of freedom – Dior

Beautiful people – Dim

Escape the ordinary – Finnair

Today, time begins – Graaff 

Be a pioneer – Greenland

The power of dreams – Honda

Don’t dream it. Drive it. – Jaguar

There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s Mastercard. – Mastercard

Even at sea level you can feel on top of the world. – Oyster yachts.

Motion and emotion – Peugeot

Choose your own destiny – Radiance

It’s time for a renaissance – Renaissance Hotels

Distinctly above it all – Reynolds Mountain 

Perpetual spirit – Rolex

Move your mind – Saab

Spend a third of your time in first class – Savoir beds

Escape to reality – Science Museum London

Sharpens your thinking – Sheffield Hallam University

Fuel the fun – Skippy peanut butter

From www to zzz – sleeproom.com

Be there – Smirnoff

Travel in peace – Airbus Industrie

Immerse yourself – Wildlife and culture holidays

Feel every word – Waterstone’s (bookshop)

For life – Volvo

Be part of the time – The Times

Keep discovering – Emirates

Enjoy the journey – Qantas

Luxury liberated – Chrysler

Grab life by the horns – Dodge

Love the road – Hertz

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