Hi, I’m Lucinda, the sloganeer behind Slogan Creator

Slogan Writing

I’ve been obsessed with writing ever since I was a little girl. At around 14 I developed a deep love for slogans and taglines. I wrote them day and night (often badly), honing my craft by annoying my family and friends, especially my mum, who even sent my hand-written slogans out to unsuspecting companies. Never heard back from anyone for some reason, but the gate keepers are probably still laughing!

In 2008 I branched out as a professional freelance copywriter. One of the services I offered was writing taglines and slogans, but they were overshadowed by my web copywriting services. So in 2013 I created a specialised brand known as Slogan Creator. My partner, Bas, is the Slogan Creator “numbers-nerd” (his self-professed title!). Together we make a happy team.



Above is a photograph of our beloved German Shepherd, Sammy, who died at only six years old from an untreatable disease. When she was alive, two of her favourite activites were running along the beach and playing ball games.When I see that photo, I see the purest, deepest, sweetest bliss. It’s a reminder to enjoy the simple things in life, and to live in the moment with a sense of gratefulness.

Nowadays we have a little rescue dog who is a cross between a mini-foxy and a chihuahua. He’s more of a gorgeous, cuddly, cat-dog than anything else. He’s completely food obsessed though. I’m genuinely concerned he’s going to eat me one of these days.


What else do I like?

My life can be broken down into just a handful of simple things. I actually wrote about it in an article for Flying Solo. (I was previously a monthly columnist for this popular microbusiness publication, which currently has a membership of over 120,000 business owners. I was also delighted to be their Acting Editor in 2014.) Here’s a quick summary:

Family and friends

I love spending time with my family and friends, and I especially love helping my beautiful Mum care for my wonderful, elderly father. He’s a a beacon of positivity and light, even through the unpredictable fog of dementia.


I love working on my flexibility, balance and strength. I also love napping. Technically this isn’t fitness training, but sometimes I nap for two hours on the weekend, which is a type of adrenaline-pumping extreme napping. During such naps I change sides at least twice – which is high intensity cardio.


Bas and I love animals and have been enjoying a vegan diet since 2015. Below is a vegan burger we managed to munch our way through. (I don’t judge anyone else about their diet choices. Each to their own. Most of my friends and family are carnivores! )



Seeing the above photo has made me hungry, so on that food-filled note, I’ll say goodbye.

That’s my story, I’d love to hear yours. Get in touch!