Hi, I’m Lucinda, the sloganeer behind Slogan Creator

Slogan Writing

I’ve been obsessed with writing ever since I was a little girl. At around 14 I developed a deep love for slogans and taglines, writing them day and night.  Fast forward to adulthood, and in 2008 I branched out as a professional freelance copywriter. One of the services I offered was writing taglines and slogans, but they were overshadowed by my web copywriting services. So in 2013 I created a specialised brand known as Slogan Creator.



Above is a photograph of our beloved German Shepherd, Sammy, who died at only six years old from an untreatable disease. When she was alive, two of her favourite activites were running along the beach and playing ball games.When I see that photo, I see the purest, deepest, sweetest bliss. It’s a reminder to enjoy the simple things in life, and to live in the moment with a sense of gratefulness.

Nowadays we have a little rescue dog who is a cross between a mini-foxy and a chihuahua. He’s more of a gorgeous, cuddly, cat-dog than anything else. He’s completely food obsessed though.


What else do I like?

My partner and I love animals and have been enjoying a vegan diet since 2015. Below is a vegan burger we managed to munch our way through. (I don’t judge anyone else about their diet choices. Each to their own. Most of my friends and family are carnivores! )


That’s my story, I’d love to hear yours. Get in touch!