Giving back, one slogan at a time!

When you choose Slogan Creator, it’s not just good for your business, it’s great for the world too.

We love helping: rescue dogs, animals in general, people who are homeless, and the planet. Let’s face it, without the planet, we all need rescuing!

Volunteering time with Rescue Dogs

Bas the “bean counter” at Slogan Creator invests a lot of time volunteering at rescue dog organisations. (Rescue Dog Shelters save dogs that are destined to be put down at the local pounds. Rescue organisations take the dogs in, and try to match them with loving people looking for a dog.)

At the rescue shelters, the dogs are kept in kennels, so they love being taken out for walks and runs by the volunteers.

Save a life -

Food Bank

We donate to Food Bank. Food Bank helps to fight hunger in Australia by sourcing food for people in need.

Food Bank - We fight hunger by sourcing food for people in need

Raising money for dog rescue organisations

Bas raises money for dog rescue organisations when he runs in race events. He’s raised thousands of dollars so far.

Running for rescue - Rescue Hub - City to Surf

Clothes Line

We donate all our clothes to clothesline, and whenever we can, buy extra toiletries with our regular grocery shop to donate to them.

ClothesLine Mission - Our mission is to support homeless and needy Australians , by providing them with new clothing and other essential items such as blankets and toiletries. Our aim is to make a noticeable difference to their lives, by improving their comfort, self image and employment prospects.

Animals Australia

We are each members of the wonderful organisation, Animals Australia. Animals Australia investigates and exposes animal cruelty.

Cow Calf - He is gentle, curious, and affectionate. His world is brighter, because of you. Thank you, Lucinda!

The planet

We donate to One Tree Planted, which is a non-profit organisation focused on global reforestation. Just one dollar plants one tree. Without trees, we cannot survive.

Reforestation - Planting trees around the world

Even if you don’t purchase a product or service from Slogan Creator, feel free to donate to any of these wonderful organisations.