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What exactly is a business slogan?

A business slogan is a short, catchy and memorable phrase about your business or brand that is usually located within or under your business logo. But slogans and taglines don’t have to appear only with your logo, they can feature anywhere in your marketing material. A slogan is also vital for websites and blogs. People will want to know what a blog is about as soon as they arrive.

To me, there is very little difference, and the words can be interchangeable. There are actually many slogan and tagline definitions around, but at the end of the day, both slogans and taglines serve the same purpose: they are catchy and memorable phrases designed to sell a product, service or idea.

Done well, a slogan can increase your sales by telling people what you do, why it matters, and how you’re different – all in just in a matter of words. Make no mistake, slogans SELL!

I will send anywhere from 7-10 concepts, of which you can choose one to be your business or company slogan.

Yes, absolutely. Once you’ve decided on a slogan from Slogan Creator, I will send you a ‘Sign over’ email, which signs copyright of your chosen slogan to you.

No, I don’t. While I only write slogans based on my own creativity, there is always a risk that unbeknownst to me, the slogan/tagline I write for you may be similar or even the same as another registered business slogan somewhere else in the world (of which there are millions, with new ones being created daily). That’s why I recommend that you undertake your own search through the Intellectual Property organisation within your country, or hire a Trademark attorney.

No. Trademark Registration is a comprehensive, official process which is your responsibility to proceed with, if you choose to go down that path. In Australia you can register your slogan and tagline through Intellectual Property (IP) Australia. Or, you can have a Trademark specialist such as Jacqui Pryor from Mark My Words do this for you.