Want to learn how to write a catchy, creative business slogan?

  • Do you need a catchy, creative slogan for your business, but can’t invest in the services of a professional, experienced slogan writer?
  • Would you like to write a company slogan that grabs attention, helps you stand out from the crowd, and creates a ‘wow’ – but have no idea where to start?
  • Have you attempted writing a business tagline already, only to find the process stressful, overwhelming, time-consuming, and just downright difficult?
  • Have you read articles on ‘How to write a company slogan’ but still feel totally lost because the steps aren’t broken down into simple, bite-sized, common sense instructions?
  • Do you have a computer-generated slogan, but don’t know if that slogan could damage your brand, or ruin your business reputation?

Then this e⁠-⁠Workbook, How to Write a Brilliant Business Slogan is just for you!

How to write a brilliant business slogan - A step by step guide
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“Hi Lucinda! I did it! I’m so excited because I can’t believe how lucky I am to be blessed with a range of slogans that I came up with all by myself, thanks to your GIFT of a book. It really was a breeze to work through. Very funny, very informative, very clear and uber useful. It was truly fun to do. Thanks Lucinda, I love my slogan!” − Shona Maitland,

Hi, I’m Lucinda Lions, and I’ve had a fascination and love of slogans for decades. Since working as a professional slogan writer I’ve written taglines for industries ranging from accounting to graphic design, telecommunications to life coaching, and more!

I created this e⁠-⁠Workbook for people who don’t want to hire a slogan writer, but who still want to have a creative, catchy, sales-increasing slogan for their business or blog.

8 reasons why people choose this e⁠-⁠Workbook


Step-by-step instructions help to make the slogan-writing process as EASY as possible.

The hardest part about writing a slogan is staring at a blank piece of paper or a blank screen. In this e⁠-⁠Workbook, I begin at, well, the beginning. And I break down the slogan-writing process into bite-sized, chronological steps.

I don’t give you advice and then leave you stranded in front of a scary, white page; I walk beside you every step of the way. You actually fill in the answers within the e⁠-⁠Workbook. (Read more about this in the next point.)

Additionally, I use practical examples throughout the entire e⁠-⁠Workbook so you can see the steps in action, and use the examples as inspiration for your own work.

Full of choice

Learn how to write NINE slogans, not just one.

Slogans come in many exciting shapes and sizes. In this e⁠-⁠Workbook, you’ll learn how to write: a descriptive slogan, an emotive slogan, a brand-recognisable slogan, a rhyming slogan, a slogan with alliteration, a Three-Word-Thriller slogan, an Our-Your-Dazzler slogan, a Less-is-More-Lovely-Line slogan and a slogan with a pun. (I’ll explain all of these exciting slogans in more detail in the e⁠-⁠Workbook.)


You’ll enjoy the process.

One of my goals when writing this e⁠-⁠Workbook was to make the slogan-writing process as enjoyable as possible, so that you’ll feel relaxed, happy and encouraged. My theory? If you enjoy yourself, you’re more likely to write the best tagline possible.


Write one slogan, write many – it’s up to you.

Although I walk you through the process of writing nine different slogans for your business, if you prefer, you can just write one or two. This means the process can be as fast as you want it to be. If you choose to tackle a number of the creative slogans, the process will naturally take longer, but you’re in the driver’s seat the whole time. So buckle up and go as fast or as slow as you like!

Secret Info

Well, it’s not classified, but it is cool.

Before showing you how to write each slogan, I share important information about the sizzling ingredients of a brilliant business slogan. These tantalising titbits will help you write the best, most brilliant business slogan possible.


This e⁠-⁠Workbook costs less than hiring me, and isn’t as expensive as doing a full online course. It’s the best of both worlds.

Rest assured, this isn’t a full online course that will cost you $1500, and it’s less than hiring me to write a slogan for you. It’s an investment that will pay dividends long after you’ve purchased it, not only because your slogan can increase sales, but because you can use it over and over again to create different slogans for different products and services within your business. And of course, if you start new businesses or blogs, it’s ready to use all over again.

Good for business. Good for the world

If you buy this e⁠-⁠Workbook, you’re helping the world, one slogan at a time!

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Need more information about the benefits of having a slogan for your business or blog? No problem, here’s the scoop:

Mansfield Motors logo and slogan: Our honesty. Our experience. You safety.

Stand out from the crowd, stunningly.

Unless you sell something rare and weird like ergonomic desks for newborn babies, you’re going to have stacks of competitors. I mean, stacks. Hundreds. Thousands. Maybe even trillions.

That’s where a slogan comes in handy. A slogan is like a Mohawk. It helps you stand out from the crowd and rise above the rest, literally and figuratively. It adds inches to your height and metres to your marketing.

Let’s imagine you’re scanning an online directory of mechanics. There’s dozens of them. All their names are blending into one: John’s Mechanics. A1 Mechanics. Mechanics R Us.

Names, they’re just names. None of them appealing. None of them exciting.

But hang on. Who’s this? Mansfield Motors. Nothing unusual about the name. But wait, I wrote their company slogan: Our honesty. Our experience. Your safety.

All of a sudden Mansfield Motors rises out of the screen, standing taller than the rest. And here’s the thing, Mansfield Motors doesn’t just have any old tagline, they have a slogan that sells. Their slogan tells the world they have honest, experienced staff who help their customers have a safer driving experience. This encourages people to do business with them.

Next time you’re thinking about creating a slogan for your business, remember the Mohawk. Get taller. Grow business.

The Fast Twitch Performance business slogan is: Customised coaching. Unlimited support. Exceptional results.

A company slogan can grab people’s attention. Not an easy thing to do these days.

Apparently we absorb over 170 newspapers’ worth of information a day. This means your business messages are competing with: ads, videos, social media updates, articles, photos and clips of really sweet cats stroking really adorable pigs. That’s why your main business message (which is who you are, what you do and why it matters) needs to be distilled and condensed into a short, catchy, digestible phrase – a slogan. A slogan helps to grab the attention of a busy, overwhelmed and distracted audience.

I feel like the above image captures what’s happening in our brain every micro-moment of every nanosecond. It’s a screenshot from Fast Twitch Performance Coaching. Just as soon as you see the slogan I wrote, Customised Coaching. Unlimited support. Exceptional results, the next message is already speeding in!

Kathleen Connell Singing Studio - Give your goals a voice

A slogan can persuade people to do business with you

Your business name is just that, it’s a name like John, Betty, David, Goliath or Apple. In some cases a business name can be persuasive, but in most cases it just delivers straightforward information, like, Kathleen Connell’s Singing Studio. However, a well-written slogan doesn’t just deliver information, it can actually help sell your business, making it a constant and powerful form of advertising that can save you dollars while making you dollars. Kathleen’s slogan now ‘sings’: Give your goals a voice.

When I wrote the above slogan, I wanted to create lines that were catchy and creative, but also, that were gently persuasive.

Prize Pig - Win Win

A slogan can make your business memorable

People are exposed to so much information these days, it’s getting harder to penetrate their long-term memory so that information can be recalled. A short, sharp line is much more likely to pierce the clutter and stick like no other. If your slogan is easy to remember, it’s like owning your own billboard in people’s minds: a priceless piece of lifelong advertising at the busy intersection of their very own information superhighway.

I wrote this short, catchy, company slogan, “Win Win” for Prize Pig, a PR company that helps businesses win customers through media competitions on Morning breakfast TV shows, magazines and radio. Maybe you can write a short, catchy slogan too?

Stone Ground Tea - Outrageously Healthy . Deliciously Different.

A slogan can help you be laser-focused about your business messages

Only when you’re clear about your main business messages and benefits, can you write the BEST slogan possible for your business. If you’re not sure what your messages are yet, don’t worry, in the e⁠-⁠Workbook, I initially ask questions that will help you clarify what these important messages and benefits are. Once you have them, not only can you begin the exciting task of writing your company slogans, but you’ll also be equipped to sell your business clearly and confidently. GO YOU!

Lion Writing - Giving Excellence. Taking Pride.

A slogan can generate trust

Many big companies and conglomerates have slogans, and due to the fact that they’re big and stable, they give the perception of being trustworthy. So, if they’re perceived as being professional and established, then having a brilliant slogan coupled with a polished logo, might make your smaller business (even if it’s a one-person startup) seem professional and established too.

Generating trust is vital for new and established businesses alike, and a slogan can help to establish that trust. On my copywriting website, Lion Writing, I have two slogans that I’ve used at various times

  • Giving Excellence. Taking Pride.
  • Content is King. It pays to trust a Lion.

Both these slogans have served me well over the years. I used the first one when I first started out, and I really believe it boosted the professionalism of my freshly-hatched brand.

TelcoEdge - Our Innovation. Your Edge.

A slogan is your secret weapon in this ‘age of instant’

You know the feeling when you’re about to watch a YouTube video but have to sit through an advertisement? It’s like living in a swamp for seven years without Wi-Fi. The reason we get so frustrated about waiting is because we live in an age of instant, where everything is delivered at lightning speed. Your customers want everything now, especially when it comes to information. A powerful micro dose is the way to go!

If someone sees your logo or business name (and it’s not clear what you offer), don’t assume they’ll google for facts later, do count on them forgetting your business within seconds. But if your business has a succinct, effective slogan; you’ve given people just enough information to consider finding out more about you. If it’s not descriptive, at least, it can be memorable in some catchy or creative way.

So, are you ready to take your exciting slogan-writing journey with me? Let’s do it!

Book picture: How to write a brilliant business slogan. A step-by-step guide to help you write a sizzling slogan. Lucinda Lions.