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P.S. You’ve also come to the right place if you want to see random pictures of gorgeous dogs. Proceeds of all sales help rescue-dog organisations as well as other worthwhile charities.

Grab attention, pique interest, boost your brand, and increase sales with a stunning new slogan.

A sales-increasing tagline can be a 24/7 source of premium, lifelong advertising – saving you money while making you money. It’s a one-off, affordable investment that can skyrocket your business and brand, forever.

I’m a slogan creator with over two decades of writing experience. Yes, I once used a primitive tool known as a typewriter!

Hi, I’m Lucinda, the chief sloganeer and owner of Slogan Creator. My mission is to help every business have a sales-increasing slogan, even if it means teaching my slogan-writing method free of charge.

Every time I see a business without a slogan, or worse, with a bad one, I see a missed opportunity for the business to inform and persuade potential customers.

Every time I see a business with a brilliant slogan, man, I party like it’s 1999!

I also really love animals, and I’m thrilled to donate a portion of every service and product that’s purchased to a worthwhile charity.

When you hire Slogan Creator, you don’t just help your business, you help the world in some small way. Go you!

Slogan examples for clients’ businesses

Tantalising taglines and scintillating slogans I’ve written for valued, wonderful, awesome, delightful clients.

Pssst… you could be one of them. I’d be excited to work with you!

Restful Nest - Hatching plans for a beautiful home
TelcoEdge - Our Innovation. Your Edge.
Stone Ground Tea. Outrageously Healthy. Deliciously Different.
(Picture of TV with coins). Equal pay is just Common Cents.
KY FURNEAUX - Choose your life. Lose your limits.
Lion Writing - Giving Excellence. Taking Pride.

Testimonials and reviews for Slogan Creator

I am humbled by the positive words from my amazing clients.

You were very personable, friendly, professional and enthusiastic … I would most certainly recommend your services to other people. Thanks so much again. I am very happy.

Ky Furneaux

Award-winning Hollywood stunt

woman, TV host, speaker, author

Writing a tagline or slogan is no easy task, and there’s always the possibility that you can get it wrong. So if you’re looking to hire a tagline writer, consider Lucinda… she is a delight to work with.

Andrew Griffiths

Australia’s # No 1 Small Business Author

11 books sold in over 60 countries

I have referred numerous clients to Lucinda, and all have been tremendously impressed with their slogans… I LOVE the results that she achieves. THANK YOU Lucinda.

Shona Maitland

Owner & Manager,

Shona Creative & Ethically Creative

Writing a succinct, powerful slogan can be a difficult and time-consuming task and this is where Lucinda comes in… I can personally vouch for the quality of her writing.

Robert Gerrish

Founder of Flying Solo

Australia's micro business community

Slogan Creator has featured in several high-profile media publications

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