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A business slogan (also known as a business tagline, company slogan, swing line, strapline, catchline and motto) can help to grow your business.

This is what Australia's # 1 Small Business Author has to say about Slogan Creator....

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"In my most recent book The Big Book of Small Business I explain that a tagline is as important to your business as your business name.   The reason for this is because a good tagline gives potential customers a clear and distinct reason to use your business.   The problem is that writing a tagline or slogan is no easy task, and there’s always the possibility that you can get it wrong.  So if you’re looking to hire a tagline writer, consider Lucinda Lions.  I have known Lucinda for several years, she is an absolute creative professional. I have no doubt at all that you will be extremely happy with everything she does for you and as an added bonus, Lucinda is a delight to work with"
Andrew Griffiths,
Australia’s # No 1 Small Business Author, 11 books sold in over 50 countries

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This is what Flying Solo's Robert Gerrish says about chief sloganeer, Lucinda Lions...

robert testimonial"These days we're bombarded with messages as businesses and individuals vie for our attention. One of the ways we can bolster stand-out and stay top-of-mind for our customers or prospects, is by using a memorable tagline within our marketing. Writing a succinct, powerful slogan can be a difficult and time-consuming task and this is where Lucinda Lions from Slogan Creator comes in. Lucinda has been one of our Flying Solo expert contributors for many years and I can personally vouch for the quality of her writing and her commitment to delivering a thorough and cost-effective service. If you'd like to explore the value and role of a slogan or tagline, I highly recommend that you get in touch with Lucinda and check out the work she does at Slogan Creator"
Robert Gerrish,
Founder of Flying Solo: Australia's micro business community

So why not get a business slogan that helps to take your business and brand to a whole new level?  To see some slogans that we've written for happy clients, view our business slogan and business tagline examples page.